How Close to the Veil are They?

Like tethers raining down from Heaven, here to help us.

I think there’s a fine line, between Earth and Heaven, where our ancestors wait for us. Sometimes that veil opens a bit, for our ancestors to communicate to us.

I had a dream about my dad. It’s been such a long time since I dreamed of seeing him. In this dream, he appeared, and I knew I only had a little bit of time to give him a big hug and tell him I loved him, as my past dreams went. So I quickly made sure I was able to see him. He then told me there’s someone on Earth that watches over me. Almost like my dad’s chosen person to watch over me when he can’t. I knew he was going to leave my dream soon, so I asked with urgency who it was. ‘Dad, who is it? Who’s helping me?’ I had all these questions but knew there wasn’t enough time. He said, with a loving, patient smile, ‘I can’t tell you who it is. You don’t have the complete, or perfect, knowledge.’ My interpretation comes from my church. We are sent here, oblivious to the fact that we chose to come to Earth to complete our eternal mission. We don’t have that complete knowledge of God’s plan until after we pass through the veil to the other side: Heaven. We will then have all of our questions answered like, why were we here? Why did we have a mortal body and experience pain and happiness? If we had all of that information, and the full knowledge of the Lord’s plan, then what’s the point of being here? We only get to experience this Earthly life once. There’s things we just can’t know so that we can experience this earthly life on our own, making our own choices and decisions.

My dad has the full knowledge now. He knows why we had to go through this hard, earthly life. I feel like there’s many life lines and connections to all of us. Almost like invisible tethers that are connected to us from many souls in Heaven. Millions of small openings in the veil that help filter through help from the other side.

We don’t know exactly why we have to go through hard things. But we do have our Savior who went through pain for us. We have our guardian angels watching over us and with us even if we don’t feel them. They are there, always.

Just be kind. Everyone has their own faith and their own explanation. Mine might be different than yours. But we are are still worthy in God’s eyes for the many blessings he has for us.



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