Mental Health and Suicide: Could it be Unrelated?

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Someone brought up a very interesting point here. Can someone commit suicide and not have depression, mental illnesses, not addiction related, or any of the other stereotypes involved with suicide?

There have been so much suicide in the news recently. The CDC states that suicide is on the rise. Two well known celebrities, Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. People will say, ‘Well they had enough money, they could have gotten help.’ It’s not that easy. Anyone can feel isolated and hopeless. Doesn’t matter your status or the amount of money you have.

Everyone is looking for a reason as to why people have chose to end their life. ‘He had depression? Oh, ok, I can see why he did that’. ‘Struggling with alcohol and drug addiction? Oh, ok, that makes sense then’. ‘Going through a divorce and losing custody of her children? Oh, ok, she is sad and lonely.’ And everyone moves on. Why? I think its in our human nature to have an answer. Last year, I was told about a lady, in my church where I moved from, died from suicide. I was in complete shock. She was the sweetest person. My friend told me that she had suffered from depression and didn’t get help for it. There’s that moment of ‘Oh… ok. I understand then.’ But I started to realize, that’s not ok. How can you blame someone, because they were struggling? Thinking that they did this to themselves, because they didn’t get help?

What about the people that don’t have any known addiction, mental illness, or any life changing events? I think that’s whats most troubling and shocking. To try to make sense of it is just maddening.

I think the older generation are silently struggling. Maybe my dad thought, ‘I am 70 years old. I’ve lived a good life. I was able to retire comfortably. Afford a hobby that I love. See that my children and grandchildren are prospering. I am starting to feel the effects of radiation from cancer treatments and I just don’t want to deal with the pain and struggle of dying. I’ve tried my best to get help and relief from the pain but haven’t found anything. So I am going to end it now before it gets worse.’

No more silence. Let’s talk about things. Reach out to someone. If you are the listener, don’t judge. Let’s be kind to one another. You never know what that kind word, or listening ear might do for someone. It just might save a life.



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