Christmas Eve Thoughts


Life is so uncertain. Those quotes that say, ‘Tomorrow is not given, so cherish those today’, are so true.

Death has always scared me, since I was a child. I always worried something would happen to my family. Now that my dad passed so suddenly, I worry even more about my children, husband, and family. Truth be told, some days I don’t want to go anywhere so there’s no risk of something happening. Other days I watch my children like a hawk.

Why are some lives taken so early from us? My friend lost her sweet baby boy a couple days ago. I have so much grief over this, and sorrow for that sweet family. I know what its like to lose someone you love, your family, so suddenly. I feel so much for her and her family. It’s so tough, especially this time of year.

This I know, God has a plan. Whatever anger you might have for God, with the events that happen in our lives, there is a plan, and he loves us dearly. He feels the sorrow we feel. He weeps with us. There is hope, however meager that feels some days.

Today marks one year since I have talked with my dad. He called me on the afternoon of Christmas Eve. I remember where I sat and the feelings I had about our conversation. The doctor had called him back, telling him what he could do about night sweats and other symptoms. My dad lost hope. I could hear it in his voice. Anything I said to cheer him up, things he could do to get through his days, or telling him how sorry I am that he’s dealing with this, didn’t help relieve that lost hope. I know I did and said the best I could. He ended the call telling me to have a Merry Christmas and that he loved me. Those were the last words that I heard from him.

Oh how I miss him. I grieve for those that have lost loved ones. This time of year is tough. I know this, and I am here with you. You are not alone. Hang in there. Enjoy the times with friends and family here on this Earth. Remember the happy times with the loved ones lost. They ARE with us and love us so much.



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