One Year Anniversery (on the 27th)

person standing near lake

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This is one anniversery I do not want to celebrate. There’s no celebration marking my dad’s death.

My family and I have been through so much this year. We made it through that first awful week, after my dad passed. We planned 2 funerals. We moved my mom into a new place, a new life. We have experienced our ‘firsts’ without my dad. Through all this, we survived. I am so very proud of us all.

This Christmas Eve will mark one year since I have talked to my dad. Just so crazy to think about that. He called to tell me the doctor couldn’t do anything for him. He just lost all hope. He probabaly felt that his concerns were not validated. That his symptoms would go away if he would just hold out.

We don’t know what goes on in the minds of others. My dad’s friends were all in shock, including a friend that talked to him the day after Christmas, the night my dad ended his life. His friend had no idea that he was struggling. My mom, sister, and I knew he was struggling with his symptoms, but had no idea how much he was struggling mentally.

What can we do? Just love one another, including ourselves. Validate others feelings and concerns. Listen. Pray for how we can help others.



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