dad oregon coast

Peace. That’s what one hopes to find, through their grief journey and recovery.

The first weeks and months after my dad’s passing was an emotional roller coaster. I just kept telling myself that I will need to find peace. That peace will come. But I don’t think I truly believed that, at the time. How am I going to find peace with this situation I have been put in? My father killed himself (still hard words to type). I suffered a tragic miscarriage 4 months after my dad’s passing. How in the world can I find peace in these tragic events?

I would read that quote, ‘time heals all wounds’ during my grief journey. I thought that was bullcrap. I am still going to have these deep wounds and life will still be hard. But you know what? Time has actually helped. I started to realize maybe that quote does have some truth to it.

I have made it through the first year from my dad’s passing. That first year is supposed to be the hardest. Oh how it was! So many emotions, so many mornings I had no motivation to get out of bed, and so many questions.

I think I have now found some of that chunk of peace that I’ve read and heard about. I know my dad is safe, happy, and most importantly, at peace. He is patiently building his camp, gathering a soothing campfire, waiting for us to join him. He is reunited with his beloved mother, stepfather, and sister that he lost so many years ago. He is free of pain, depression, and worldly worries. I know this with all my heart, and that brings me peace.

Now don’t get me wrong, I will still have days that I question why this has happened, why did he do this. I still have a wound. I still think about my dad all the time. I still think about how my mom is left alone to navigate this world without her husband. But now that I have that sense of peace, it makes managing these wounds easier.

A year ago I posted on facebook about a card that my friend sent me: “My friend sent me a card last week and it started out with ‘Not sure what the divine plan is in all of this, and maybe it’s not for us to know’. Those words were very comforting to me. We just need to have faith in God’s plan. It’s not easy some days, but I do know God has a plan for all of us, even with tragic events in our lives, but he loves each and every one of us.” This is still true! God has a plan, and our lives are already mapped out for us. He does not give us these tragic events in our lives to be vindictive or hurtful. He gives us these trials so that we can learn about ourselves and to help others. Isn’t this life all about trying to get through it the best we know how, while helping others along the way?

Those that have recent wounds, that are grieving from losing a loved one, who just doesn’t feel like peace will come…. I am here to give you hope. I am a living example of this. PEACE WILL COME. There is not a timeline for it. It may come in months or years. But don’t lose faith! Just keep riding that roller coaster of life, trying your best. Soon enough you will find that peace that your heart has been searching for.




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