Do our loved ones who have passed, visit us in our dreams? I would like to think so. I have had so many dreams about my dad lately. I want to make sure I write them down so I will never forget them.

In my dream, I was talking to my sister on the phone and looking through pictures of my dad. The recent pictures we have of him, he is so skinny and bony. I was looking at other pictures of him, where he looked really good. He had a ‘beer belly’ as he would say. I was telling my sister how good he looked in that particular picture. I look over and see him on the couch, where he would often be after work. He was grabbing his belly, and chuckling, as if agreeing that he sure did have that beer belly!

Another dream I had. I was with a friend on a Sunday at church mass. We were sitting towards the back. As we were trying to figure out what we needed to do during the mass (the prayers, kneeling, etc. We had no clue!), I see my dad in the back of all the pews, in the entry way. I saw him and immediately started yelling, ‘Dad! Dad! I am over here! Is that really you?’ I was so excited, almost hysterical, that he was there and I could see him. I was asking the person next to me, ‘Look! It’s my dad! Can’t you see him??’ No one could. He kept yelling out his name. He looked quite frantic. He could here me but he couldn’t see me. He wanted so badly to find me. Then my grandma appeared above him, and took him back to the ‘other world’. Heaven is what I believe.

Just last night I had another dream about him. It was the first day of the start of a new college semester, and a new school. I was in a large class and we were doing introductions. But it was also like a game show too. Weird, I know. I got called on stage last and was talking about my dad. We talked about how it seemed like he deserted us. Class was over, and we all went our separate ways. I was trying to figure out where the rest of my college classes were, wandering around this huge, new campus. While walking, my dad came around the corner. We both immediately ran to each other, and hugged liked there was no tomorrow. There were tears and excitement. My dad never died, he was just gone for a while. He hadn’t deserted us after all! He didn’t remember anything about his dark, last days of his life and the way he ended it. He was just so happy to see me and my family. I’d like to think that is how our reunion in Heaven will be. We will have that joyous reunion again.

Another dream. I was telling my dad how hard it has been since he has passed away. All the grief and sorrow. He was so heartbroken that I felt that way. He was so sad.

I miss you dad. More than you will ever know. I miss our talks. I could always talk to you about anything. I miss how you would tell me ‘I love you!’ when ending our phone calls. I will miss my birthday calls from you. Love you dad.



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