Pictures of my Dad and I

I was going through pictures and needed to have a place for them that I can look back on. And if it’s digital, even better because then I won’t lose it. Ha!

We went on so many hikes and camped a lot. He loves the outdoors so much.

He was a hard worker.

He loved my sister and I and were so proud of us.

Miss you dad! I remember the last time I saw you and gave you a hug goodbye. It wasn’t the strong hug that I was used to. It felt weak and dreary. Probably how he was feeling too. Emmy ran up and gave him a hug. So sweet. If I would have known that was the last time I would see him, I don’t think I would have let go. I would have told him that I am grateful for him and all the sacrifices he made for us. I would tell him thank you for always supporting me and talking with me. I miss you! I wish I could call you and talk. I miss our chats.



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